GSD Breeding News: Jabina Nala x Jabina Rooney, WUSV IPO3 WM participants (2016 and 2015).

Jabina Nala IPO3 AZ is in whelp and we are expecting puppies mid February. The Sire is Jabina Rooney IPO3. Jabina Nala was IPO trained in Australia and participated in the WUSV world championship in 2016. Jabina Rooney participated at the WUSV WM 2015. The dogs come from an impressive family and continue the direct lineage of at least 4 generations of dogs participating at WUSV World Championships. Jabina Nala's grandmother, Jabina Dighte has placed third at WUSV WM and was the best female both times she participated at WUSV. Jabina Rooney's father is Mike vom Weinbergblick who 2 years in a row had the most offsprings at WUSV.

This is a special litter to be born in Australia and if you are looking for a puppy with all the prerequisites to become a great working dog, then please send us a private message.

Further details, photos, videos and detailed pedigrees available on

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