Jabina Rooney - frozen semen


Kennel Kanikular is pleased to announced the inclusion of Jabina Rooney into our future breeding.

2015 was Rooney's first IPO3 competition season and he certainly excelled and is on the Danish WUSV 2015 team. Rooney is a strong, dominant and powerful dog whilst still retaining a desire to work and demonstrating clarity and an ability to follow direction from the handler.

Rooney executes tracking with a deep nose and 100% concentration. In obedience he is always ready to work, quick and extremely concentrated on his handler. The protection work is clearly his favorite discipline and he is a strong dog who has the rest of the Jabina family is born with a genetically full and hard grip. Rooney actively engage with the helper and does not just "hang on for the ride".

Rooney comes from a strong family background of powerful dogs that consistently show their workability. His father Mike vom Weinbergblick is foremost known for being an extremely consistent producer of dogs with healthy hips and elbows and hence being used in most of the European countries (Rooney hipscore: HDA, ED1). Secondly, Mike vom Weinbergblick is the dog with the most progenies participating in the last three WUSV competitions. Rooney's mother Jabina Fritte have in recent years been the mother with most progenies at the Danish IPO3 championships. Further Jabina Fritte's sister and brother (Jabina Fanta and Jabina Freddy) have both been WUSV participants.

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Rooney - 9 months old

IPO3 Obedience at WGSDCA IPO National Championship